I have an interest at this stage of life in pondering ideas and experiences through writing. A platform such as this seems to encourage me to actually do it, where private journals have failed. To be fair, I have no special knowledge in any particular area to impart. Neither, I fear, are my thoughts and opinions especially compelling. My adventures are few. I certainly don’t claim that anyone will be entertained by my writing. But, here we are.

I’m not really all that concerned if anyone reads anything I publish here, but (for now) I’ll keep this public. I’m not immune to wrongly-held opinions, and someone may be kind enough to offer friendly correction, or another point of view, so I’ll also allow comments. Please, keep in mind that I will be filtering comments for words and phrases that signal a personal attack. Those will not be read. I’m hard enough on myself.

Thank you,

Bill Gorol

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