One Last Thing

A Memorial For A One-Of-A-Kind Dog

Jessie came to us at about 9 months of age. Her adoption was unplanned, but arose from a “love-at-first-sight” encounter at a sidewalk ASPCA event where I was hanging out waiting for Dee to finish a hair appointment. Jessie’s very first challenge was to win over existing dog, Shri, who was not immediately sure what to make of the interloper.

It was only a matter of time.

We came to learn that Jessie’s story began with her on the streets; a stray. By the time we adopted her she had missed the socialization window, and was afraid of just about every unfamiliar thing or person. She never entirely outgrew that. I guess, being dog pack oriented, she took to some other dogs (at first), but humans were dicey animals. Eventually we won her over, up to a point.

Crate training accomplished its intended goal, but at a price. Unwilling to be contained, we got the cold shoulder when we were around, and escape attempts were constant when we weren’t. She’s the only dog I’ve ever heard of chewing a hole in linoleum trying to find a way out of her kennel. That spirit of determination would mark the rest of her life, and we just had to learn to roll with it.

I’ve offered descriptions of Jessie elsewhere. For the rest of this tribute, though, I’m just going to select some of my favorite photos that I feel depict some of her prevalent traits. Even so, this falls far short of conveying the challenges and joys (oh, what joys!) of life with Jessie. You had to be there.

The only other thing I believe you need to know about Jessie is that she, for me, was the best dog in the world, and a one-time flash of lightening. I will miss her, reflect on our time together, and love her forever.


Sometimes aloof


Playful (and immodest)

Watchful and protective







Sweet and majestic

Beautiful in latter years

Lover of chairs (and beds) by windows

Lover of walks

Lover of snow

Lover of school buses and UPS trucks

Deeply loved by Dee, Maxx, and me

2 thoughts on “One Last Thing

  1. Bill,
    So sorry it’s taking me a couple of days to leave a reply. It’s been a little hectic around here. This is such a nice tribute to Jessie. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m sending the link to my sister, Nancy. She lost her dog around the same time as you and Dee lost Jessie. My nephew, Duke, was a feisty, loaded-with -personality Dachshund. We all are very sad of course. He was very much the center of our small family gatherings at her house. I guess my house, too, as he always was automatically invited. And of course he was spoiled rotten. Nancy is devastated. Maybe if she did something like this, she would find it cathartic and help in the healing process. She has posted many pics on Facebook, but it is such a nice idea to have them in one place. Even though the circumstances for your little vacay aren’t the best, hope you are enjoying the time away from home, and your refugee status 😉


  2. This is so beautiful, Bill. Jesse was loved so much by you and Dee and I know that you both have a huge hole in your heart. Sometimes our memories are some if our greatest blessings….I hope that is true for you. I hope that these memories will bring you comfort now and in the future.

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