Jessie’s Story Is Done

For those few who have followed.

Our sweet girl Jessie passed away this morning. Her doctor came to our home and helped her avoid further suffering. A tumor behind her left eye grew until it robbed her of much of her joy in life. Her passing was peaceful, with my wife and I at her side until the very end, comforting, petting, telling her what a wonderful girl she was, and how much she was loved.

I know I promised that this blog would be a chronicle of the weeks and months of her care, but it seems I did much more caring than writing. I don’t regret that.

As you might imagine, I am heartbroken, a swirl of hurtful emotion. I should be getting her ready for an afternoon walk right now, or tossing her a few of her beloved home-cooked chicken treats, instead of reporting that she is no longer here with me. This recovery is going to take a while.

I guess for all practical purposes there is no longer any reason for additional entries to this blog. My thanks to those who followed.

9 thoughts on “Jessie’s Story Is Done

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  2. I have only now found your blog via Louise’s. My heart aches for you and your wife. Dogs give us more than we could ever give them, and when we love them wholly inas close to a way as they should be loved, their loss in inexpressible. Know, though, that some of us understand, and we do our best to share your grief and make that load infinitesimally smaller.

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    • What an uplifting comment! Thank you! Louise has encouraged me to continue the project, and I think it may be especially helpful to me to continue her story. There is much to relate about that one-of-a-kind girl, and the challenges and joys in trying to make up for her difficult start as a stray in rural Virginia. There is also something to be said about how I might take today’s sorrow and despair, and refashion them into a fond legacy. I am grateful for your message of support, which I will share with my wife.

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  3. Bill. So very, very sorry to learn of your loss — I genuinely enjoyed your posts about the lovely, exceptional soul that is Jessie. That said, I don’t think your story with her is over…not by a long shot. Don’t hesitate, not for one second, to blog about mourning, about remembering the joy, sharing the experience of a wonderful friend. Best, Louise Foerster

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    • Thank you so much, Louise! You are right. There are remembrances and lessons learned through being Jessie’s attentive caregiver. It may be helpful to others, and likely cathartic for me, to tell those tales, as well as describe the geography of my own grieving. In a day or so, though. Right now it is too dark to see.

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